Custody Chronicles: The Supportive Hand of a Family Lawyer

It is important to find an experienced Family Lawyer in West Palm Beach, Florida, if you are getting a divorce, fighting for custody of your kids, or have been accused of domestic violence. These cases are hard to understand and contain strong feelings. It is very important to have an experienced lawyer to protect your rights and keep you from making mistakes that will cost you a lot of money during this difficult time.

Sasser, Cestero & Roy is a well-known law company that helps people with legal problems in their own country. It has a group of lawyers who are experts in divorce, child custody, and other connected issues. These lawyers have been trained and certified by the Board to practice marriage and family law. They have a history of success in and out of court.

Alicia Dixon is a divorce and family law attorney with a lot of experience. She helps people in Palm Beach County and the nearby places. She works hard to understand each client’s unique situation and make her law approach fit that situation. She knows how to negotiate and go to court, and she can help you get the best result for your case.

Families in West Palm Beach can get help from the Torchlight Law Firm with their family law issues. It deals with divorce cases and problems related to them, like alimony, dividing assets, and choices about time-sharing or custody. It also helps people who are victims of domestic abuse and figuring out who their father is. Christopher W. Cook, who runs the business, used to be a police officer and has 24 years of experience in both law enforcement and prisons.

People in West Palm Beach and the nearby places can get help from the Law Offices of Lydia Charles, LLC to settle family conflicts. It has been around for more than 30 years. The lawyers at the company are qualified to work in Florida and offer a wide range of legal services for cases involving divorce, child custody, and spousal support. You can also get help from them with other legal cases, like real estate law and personal injury law.

Vette Law has a team of divorce and family lawyers with a lot of experience who help clients with court problems that involve their families. They focus on divorce cases with a lot of money and a lot of strife. On top of that, they deal with domestic abuse, child and spousal support, property split, and orders to stay away from someone. They also help with settlement and joint law.

Families can get help from the Law Offices of Charles D. Jamieson with divorce and other family law problems. When people go there, their lawyers help them file for divorce and fill out the necessary paperwork. It also helps people who have been abused at home and, with the help of a child developmental counselor, does custody reviews. For free legal advice, the company is dedicated to looking out for its clients’ best financial interests. It also gives you a lot of different ways to pay.

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