How to Build a Wood Fence

Whether you want a wooden fence for privacy or for a more classic look, you can learn how to build a wood fence by following a few easy steps. A story pole or a fence post can be a great help in measuring the right length and height. Using a level, you can make sure that the posts are level and then insert two screws into each corner. Using a 6-ft level, you can check that the fence post is level. If the fence post is too thin or too thick, use a brace. Next, you can install the cap, which should slope away from the post and a hammer and nail it into place. After installing the cap, you should allow the post to cure for three days before adding any more boards.

The most common type of wood used for fencing is redwood. Although it is expensive, redwood is highly durable, resistant to insects and rot. The type of wood you choose should be based on your climate, budget, and how long you plan to stay in the same location. There are also many different types of wood that you can use for your fence. You can choose between redwood and pine for the post, which are both durable and long-lasting.

When choosing a wood fence, consider your budget. If your budget is tight, you may not want to spend as much money on the fence as you would if you had chosen a more durable type. However, it’s worth spending a little more money on the fence if you plan on staying in the house long enough. Similarly, if you plan to move out of your house in a few years, it’s best to choose an inexpensive wood and stain it to retain the beauty.

Redwood is the most expensive type of wood for a wooden fence. However, it is the most attractive wood and is also the most resistant to insects and rot. Redwood fences require staining to prevent them from becoming gray and brittle. It also requires a stain to protect them from weather and moisture damage. If you choose to use redwood, be sure to check with your local building codes and regulations before purchasing the fence. For more details visit Toronto Fence Company at

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